A way to safe from corona virus is lockdown

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Hello guys…..

Today again I brought a simple and unique quote in lockdown time. A time which is very important in the corona time. A way to safe from corona. A type of vaccine of corona. In lockdown we are doing so many things like we are too much active on social media, we are spending our time with family, read books and etc. We will discuss about it in this post.

what should we do in lockdown?

This time give us number of things. In this time we can do something different, something unique and many more like this quote.


In lockdown we must note down that good thing which we are doing In lockdown. In lockdown men are cooking that is very very good .after lockdown when you will do work. You will feel bored. Definitely you will miss lockdown Time. That time you will think I used to do that, I used to do that. Why not again.

What can we do in lockdown?

1. Learn something different

2. Do what you want

3. If you are able help someone else

4. Read books

5. Spend time with your family


Social media in lockdown

#Social media

Now in lockdown time social medias very active. They are giving us precocious how to safe from corona virus. What should we do at home. And if I talk about little corona warriors yes I mean to say children. Now a days Children are giving us advice don’t go outside from home #handwash. And many more…

Read books


If you want to know anything you can find in books. Books has everything. Books can be friend But friends can not be books book has too much knowledge. In our free time we must read books.

Spend time with your family


Before lockdown our elders used to go on their work. Children used to go school. We were As busy As bee. But now we have time we all are free thats a good time to be with your family and we must. Our family as like a tree How? If i compare a family to a tree father as like root and mother as like branches who keeps maintain all house and brother and sister like flowers and fruit who making tree beautiful. As like family now we all are together we can make lockdown beautiful.

At the end just i want to say one thing you must keep remember respect our #corona warriors they are fight with corona in front line. So now I would like to wind up.



I am a student I sarted blogging for getting more knowledge

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