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In this post I will disclose some (quotes) which is on motivational inspirational which is motivate you. If you do like successful people. To be a successful you have to do hardwork . Best which can change you.

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which good thing you are doing try to paint the town red

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Best quotes forever.

Do value of time otherwise time will not take time to change it self and your self

Quotes on sun

Did you read that image why? A one thing is equal for every one but for every one different meaning. For someone that thing is wish but for someone is poision. As like #2 picture In this picture sun is a god for people who is praying in front of sun like surya namaskar. But same thing in different side its too bad for owl because owl does not like light. So do not think about that If you want to get success so create meaning by your self.

This is also same thing #3 In this picture for someone river is source of that people and bird and animals they are nothing with out river. Still they are living because of river so for them river is life. But other side river snatch life from someone, river destroy villages in flood. And one more thing about river. River never stops so be like river.

At last but not least I am going to share my speculation about #4 picture so In this picture ocean is only store of water but for someone ocean is home yes i am talking about water animals. So form this picture i wanted to say that you also be like ocean who is helping other. Ocean become when the river start adding before become ocean ocean is also a river so how much you became successful but do not forget your past and help someone else.

Quotes on lockdown



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