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Best Quotes – the Best Quotes on opportunities you can also read and get idea how to focus on goal and also motivate your self with these Best Quotes.

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“Opportunities runs with those who are already in the race.”

This is the best quotes on opportunity. Opportunity is a time that everyone wants, but he does not get it because he thinks when I get opportunity, and show me something.

But if you keep searching for opportunity, you will never get opportunity because you want to make opportunity. It is not that you will get it. 

If you are waiting for opportunity, then it is your biggest mistake because you are not wasting your opportunity but rather you are wasting your time and you will know as I said above. 

If you waste time, time will not take time at all.  It is also a time to ruin you and the opportunity which is there. 

If you waste time, you can never get opportunity.As I explained about your opportunity, you do not have to wait for opportunity. 

You have to make up the opportunity.  You have to find opportunity and show it.

A short story of Bill Gates and A Media Lady.

I would like to share with you people in such a small story, in which opportunity plays a big role. 

It has a media lady who is questioning Bill Gates.  She asks Lady Billgate.  What is the secret of your success?  Bill Gates smiles and gives him a check sign. 

It is a blank check and asks the media personnel to fill it.  But the media workers consider this check as a joke.  She throws it and laughs and speaks. 

Sir are you kidding  Can you answer my question?  That’s why Bill Gates also says.  No, I am not joking and this is the secret of my success. 

I never give up opportunity.  Today you had a big opportunity and become more successful and more rich than me but you left that opportunity and I never leave this opportunity. Then this is the secret of my success.

By this you will all know that you have to grab opportunity.  Opportunity also comes for the same person who does something like if you do not run in a race then how will you win?

How to motivate our self from negative people?

Best Quotes

“We should not give up our goal by listening to someone’s negative advice because their advice changes when we achieve our goal.”

You must have heard or seen often when a result of a child comes, then if you pass with good numbers in it, then people praise and give a lot of love to them and also say that they will do a lot later.

Many more good thoughts are said and told to him and he teaches him a lot.  But if he finds low number of children in that examination then the same people. 

And the idea of ​​those people changes.  The same people who praise him for that child, when a low number comes next, the same people say to him that you cannot do anything. 

But if the same child does something very good even after a low number because the number of one exam does not decide our whole life.  This best quotes considered it.

That is why if the same child does not take that exam very carefully and gives good results further, then the mouth of the people stops there and the advice of the same people is also changed, so one should always take care. 

We cannot change any result in our whole life.  We should only pay attention to our goal and should not listen to the advice of the negative people who make us negative.  We should always focus on our goals.

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A good line said by Mahatma Gandhi.

“If you do not secrifice for what you want  what you want becomes the secrifice”

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, the nation father of our country, has said a very good thing. A very one of the best quotes.

If you want to get something, then you have to have something to get that thing, otherwise what you want to get will be lost.

  Yes, these are very beautiful lines.  Nowadays everyone wants to get something, but does not want to lose anything, but if you have a lot of things.

  If there is water, you will have to have something.  Otherwise it will be very difficult to get that thing.  Let me tell you with an example. 

If you have to pass an exam.  So you have to study for that.  And you will have to give a lot of your time to that test only.  Best quotes .

You will be able to pass otherwise it is difficult that you will be able to pass that exam.  I would like to explain you with another example. 

If a businessman does not invest money in his business, will he be able to grow his business?  No, yes.  Will never be able to teach his business any further. 

If he has to pursue his business and has great heights in his business, then he will have to invest money in his business and do a good job only then he will be able to fulfill his desires. Best quotes.

Time is a great teacher

Best quotes

“We should not curse any time because good time gives us happiness and bad time teaches us something”

Best quotes .Time is a great teacher a teacher first teaches you then take exam. Like same Time first take exam then it will teaches us from exam. Time. 

This is also the best quotes on time.

You must have heard often, time is strong.  We cannot do anything of the time. 

Time comes and goes but it is believed by those who are negative, but those who are positive always use the time well. 

They have to believe that whatever the time is, if the time is good, it gives us a lot of happiness.  And if time is bad, then that time also teaches us a lot. 

We should never waste any time.  We should not curse him because of bad times, but should learn something from that time. Best quotes .

Likewise, good time goes on teaching us and bad time also goes on teaching us.  The only difference is, we do not understand and we waste good time like this and bad time also.  Assuming bad times, they waste time.

Time is very important for our life and if you do not value time in your life, time will not value you and time will not give itself time at all. 

You need to change according to your change.  Therefore, time should always be valued. Best quotes .

No time should be wasted and no matter what the time is, we should not waste our time by cursing and we should always do our work on time.  Time is everything

Failur is not a mistake with the great example

Best quotes

“Failure is not a mistake something it is the best place to start.”

One of the most famous and best quotes forever.

Sachin Tendulkar A great example of it.

You must have heard about Sachin Tendulkar, yes I am talking about the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

  When he was 16 years old, he played the first match for India in which he was hurt on the very first bow and his teammates were saying that you go and relax. 

Come on when you get well but  If Sachin Tendulkar that injury at that time.  By assuming failure and understanding that if I failed in the first match, would he have become such a big player today? 

Would he have been able to take the status of a god in cricket today.  Yes, if we accept them as faults and correct them.  So this is very wrong.

  If we start from the same and learn from it then it can be our biggest achievement.  Failure is not a mismatch.  This is a good startup.

We are failing at that.  And by learning something new from there, we can also start from there. Best quotes .

One more great example of Sandeep Maheshwari

  I would like to give you another example of a very large motivational speaker.  Sandeep Maheshwari.  Who faced a lot of difficulties. 

He also did photography but he left that photography in the middle and people who knew him could not do anything.  But today Sandeep Maheshwari. 

There is a large Motivational speaker from all over India
 Sandeep Maheshwari would leave his work after listening to the advice of those people after leaving photography there, would he have been successful today,.

I would like to say that listening to the negative advice of anyone, you should not leave your goal and waste time  Use that time.  And start from there, believing your failure not to be Mistake.

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