Friends | motivational Quotes for Friends

Best friends Friends is the great power in the world but before saying me if i ask to you that What is the greatest power in the world? Some will say force some will say. Scripture and someone will say intelligence, but the greatest power in the world is friendship without man and friend. The joys of friendship cannot remain undone. No person in the world is old or a child is a warrior or a saintly poet or businessman, no one can live his life. It is so necessary if possible. If it is so powerful then its answer also becomes essential.

If true friendship is attaining, then it is the greatest wealth of the world. When you are in difficulties, a friend will help by becoming scripture. When you deviate from the path, you will help by becoming friends. Answers will fall into the conspiracy. Then the friend will become wise and pull you out. When you are alone, your loneliness will go away. Talking to friends. If you want to earn something in the world, earn friendship not money.


Who is the best friends


Who is a friend, you would say a friend is one who is with us. Rejoice in our happiness and be our support in sorrow and become the enemy of our opponents. But is that really the friend’s identity? It is necessary for a friend to oppose you when needed. If you are a true friend. If your friend is intentionally going to do something wrong then you? Duty becomes first to stop him from doing that act and oppose him.

What is friend in simple words

– few

R – relationship

– in

E – earth

N – never

D – dies

A wonderful relationship of friendship

There are many relationships in the world, but all relationships are forming only after birth and friendship is a relationship that a man builds and builds on his faith. Man makes many friends but friend is not that he talk to others and he became our friend. A friend also has certain rules which a friend or a true friend should follow and. I would like to state some important three rules of this friend. If it is in friend then it is your true friend.


Three most important rules for friendship

  1. Trust is the basis of friendship!
  2. One should always be with friends, not be alienated from them.
  3. Friend, we should go whenever we call.

Trust is the basis of friendship

Trust is the basis of friendship but why? Because friendship is such a relationship. If there is no faith in it, then that relationship. Is of no use If we believe in this, then this friendship will one day be successful. You may have heard of many friendships which are also famous. She had only and only trust. If I would like to tell you about one such popular friendship and that friendship is of Krishna and Sudama who were one God and the other devotees were still a good friend, then we can say that friendship rests on faith . Do not always believe in caste discrimination or friendship. Never superstition on that. If you believed in friendship then your friendship may one day become famous in history. There are many friendships which are famous, I will tell you about them further briefly.

One should always be with friends not be alienated from them.

The second most important rule of friendship should always be with a friend. Never be alienated from them. It is not that in happiness we should enjoy with them, but do not leave them unhappy. If there is such a friend, then people will not have faith in friendship. But friend is a belief, if you also want true friendship, always support others and support your friends, then they will also support you. Friend and friendship will be immortal. Whenever there is a problem with a friend, we should always support the friend. We should always make good and true friends and never leave them


Friend, we should go whenever we call

Whenever we call friends, this is very important in friendship because friends always! Call only when he needs us. Friend’s support is needed to call a friend. If we have trusted our friendship well and helped a friend. If we have been with a friend and have convinced a friend on a friend, then this friendship happens and on the strength of this friendship, a friend calls us.
We should never compare friendship. This friendship is not a comparison thing. Friendship cannot be compared to anyone. Friendship is a relationship that we build on the basis of trust and we cannot compare trust with anyone. There is trust only when there is friendship, otherwise friendship has no meaning then help us friend whenever trust calls us along with trust. We should go after hearing the call of a friend. This is a true friend.

How to have a true and good friends ?

Friendship should be one which extends the existence of his friend. Friendship that is for his / her survival. Burn it
Friendship and who are always ready for friends, I would like to tell about a friend who is the greatest example for friendship.

So this friendship is like milk and water. Milk and water together do not let us know that milk also has water. By the way, we should also be with our friends. Just like when the milk comes to a boil, the first effect is on the water. Water is separated from milk by burning. But when the water is separated from the milk, then it is put in Dubai which shows that friendship. Being separated from one friend brings boil to the other and so should the friend. If friendships are made for their friends, then no one will come on anyone and the name of friendship will always be high.

A true friend

A true friend does not necessarily mean that a true friend can only be a human being. We search for true friends everywhere, but there is some place where we can find a true friend, but finding a true friend is not so difficult. If you want a true friend, then look for books because there is a book. You can be a true friend. There is so much knowledge in books that you will not have to remain ignorant. However, those who are true friends are librarian museums. The knowledge that can lead you to the right path through wrong paths,

Your books too. Teaches knowledge and that knowledge is always with you and who stays with you and whom you believe and believe is absolute knowledge. If one successfully follows friendship, it is also right to say that books can also be your true friend. If you believe in him and his company, then there is nothing wrong with the books. Books are good and we should make them a friend.


Some stories on popular friendship

  1. Krishna and Sudamaishna and Sudama instersting and popular story of friendship which is unforgettable, it will not be easy to forget because this friendship has many things which do not appear to be in friendship. Even a friend is an enemy to another friend. Whether it is a small or a big king or a rake, but this friendship has done many feats like Krishna. Despite being God and devotee Sudama Das, they both had a good and true friendship. It is also an interesting fact of his that when this Sudama came to Krishna’s house, he ate from raw rice that Krishna ate and said that friend is not small! Should give respect and always maintain friendship.

2. Shree Ram Chandra and The Sugriva

Another interesting and popular story is the friendship that I enjoy telling about this story and that story is Shri Ramchandra and. Mahabali Sugriva had such a good friendship that both of them supported each other in times of trouble when Sugriva was in trouble, Rama helped him to kill his brother and when Ram was in trouble the army of that Ravana. To fight with, then Sugriva put his whole life and supported him with his army, then such friendship should always be there. Always give with your friends as I said. We should never leave our friends. Friends are always useful and we should also help friends.

3. Krishna and Arjuna

Another interesting and popular story which is Shri Krishna and. Archer is Arjun. Though Lord Krishna and Arjuna are also a devotee in this, but Shri Krishna helps them at the behest of the devotee and not like God as a friend like I said. A friend is a storehouse of knowledge. Arjuna, in this story, should never be compared to anyone, he took help from his true friend and was successful in destroying the Kauravas.


Hold a true friend and don’t let go. True friend comes once in a lifetime. Tv