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Love is what the mind thinks but what the heart feel.

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Whenever it comes to love, we first portray a hero and heroine in mind.  Does the same happen to you,

but is love not just a bond of attraction between the heroine and the hero.  Love can also come from family. 

The parents can also be from siblings.  May be from friends, may be for country and land of birth.

  It can be for humanity, it can be for an organism.  This may be for nature. 

But love can never be written on a page on which much has already been written, like a once filled matki. 

And water cannot come.  If love is to be attained, the mind has to be emptied.

  You have to give up your desire and happiness and surrender to love.

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It’s amazing how stupid you can be when you are in love

Love  Of the lovemaking  It is the most beautiful work, but every work has to be handled. 

Now look at an idol too.  When the artist protects it she is very beautiul but  After that he was not handled. 

Did not take care of him in front of him.  Duty not performed properly.  Now this idol started going astral. 

Similarly, just saying it does not make love love.  For this, you have to fulfill your duty,

then you will keep away from love until you do this duty of gratitude to your life partner, protect the country, protect the women of family and society. 

If you have to get the nectar of love, you have to fulfill your duty.

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Mother and father love- The greatest unconditional and infinite love we will ever experience

As I said, love falls for anyone.  There is no doubt in this and I would like to tell more about one such love that we get from family only. 

Love of my parents Yes I am talking about the love of parents which is all over the world.  Above all. 

A parent’s love is a love in which there is no selfishness in which the mother loves selflessly and the father is many. 

Working hard reflects his love and runs the family.  Hope you will not get to see anywhere else.

If I compare the love of this parent with a small tree, then you can see how much suffering the mother is.  Keeps you all happy. 

This is his love and the father keeps you happy even though he is the opposite of the whole family. 

This is also their love as in the tree if we compare the mother with the stem and compare the father with the root, which is a moment in the family. 

And runs the whole family and is the mother tomb that takes care of the whole family. 

If this root and stem does not exist in the tree, then can you tell me that the family will not be green, therefore the love of parents is selfless

which you cannot find anywhere else, then we should always love our parents.  And they should be respected.

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Love is when you don’t know why you seem to be attracted to that person.

Quotes on love

Love!  Have you ever seen what happens to love?  According to me love is that. 

When you do not know anything, but you feel that you are attracted to a family, then it is love. 

Its more like that.  You with that person.  You like to talk to him.  It feels good to go somewhere together. 

You want to spend the whole time with them.  You want to talk to them a lot and also a lot of personal things that you don’t tell anyone,

but you tell that person.  So this attraction falls in love with that person and.  It’s always us!  should keep.  With that person.  And always talk to him/her.

Love is not who you can see yourself with. It is who you can not see yourself without

Quotes on love

Love is not what you can see with yourself.  Love is something you cannot see without yourself like that.

  You must have seen many times, you must have also heard Love Yourself, because if you love yourself,

then all your work will be good and the same work will be good, which you love and do. 

Love will do what you love, and only then will you like it. 

When you will love your self and this love we call a good love and this love should always be done to us.

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Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without reason and it will stay every season

Quotes on love

Do you know what A true love is  Let me tell.  is what you do without any reason, because love does not need any reason. 

To love and.  The love that happens without any reason is for a long time. 

He does not need any reason and what is a true love is not from the heart and not with another person and we should always have a true love. 

That love can happen to anyone.  You must have seen many times that a person.  How attached is his pet. 

It is also a true love that he has done to a living being and that creature also loves him very much.

 So this is for true love.  We do not need any reason.  We should just love our heart.

Everybody know how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever.

Quotes on love

Everyone knows how to love?  But few people know how to have a true love and that true love is what you will often see. 

They fall in love and then fall apart later.  Because of some reason.  but.  Those who are true love, they find their love stay as I told you.

  That when we fulfill our duties, only then will we be able to find love and whatever 

There are some people who fulfill their duties fully only then they are also successful in their love.

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